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A B O U T  A L E S S A N D R I A 

Alessandria is a pianist, concert performer, and educator who is interested in the interdisciplinary relationships between the musical arts and other forms of expression. As a performer she carefully chooses repertoire that explores the temporal and spatial aspects of music, playing with the border between classical performance and performance art. Alessandria was born in Montréal, Canada where, in 2012, she obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Solo Piano Performance and Musical Arts at McGill University, with Marina Mdivani- great Georgian pianist and pupil of Emil Gilels. In the same year, she moved to Florence, Italy, where in 2015 she obtained a Master's Degree in Solo Piano Performance under the guidance of M° Giuseppe Fricelli while studying at the Cherubini Conservatory of Florence. Her experiences in Florence would help shape her as a musician, performer, and educator. She has also studied with Gabriel Tacchino, Jin Ju, Stefano Fiuzzi, Daniel Pollack, and Emil Naoumoff. Alessandria has performed as a soloist, chamber musician, and soloist with orchestra in festivals and events in Italy, England, Malta, Hungary, Denmark and the Czech Republic. In October, 2015 she inaugurated the Sonic Somatic festival at Palazzo Strozzi with a 15-hour performance of Vexations by Erik Satie, and in the 2017 Sonic Somatic Festival, she performed artist and composer Ari Benjamin Meyers' art piece dedicated to Vexations at the Serre Torrigiani in Florence. These two performances resulted in the pianist devoting all her musical efforts to Satie's music, which would then lead her to the music of Les Six, Nadia Boulanger, the minimalist music of Philip Glass, and the conceptual post-minimalist music of Simon Rackham- English composer based in Italy, who dedicated Free Will for Alessandria Di Nardo to the pianist. 


The Alessandria Piano Studio is the physical and virtual space dedicated to the study of piano and music in all its facets. Through the study of technique, theory, classical and modern repertoire, as well as periodic musical experiences on stage and in group master class settings, Alessandria guides her students in experimenting and discovering their own expressive and comunicative abilities at the piano. 

Being herself a trilingual, she also offers bilingual learning experiences in English and Italian at the piano, and considering her approach to music as a performer, it's understandable that we find she employs a similar method as a piano teacher. Alessandria has made it one of her goals at the studio to promote interdisciplinary artistic experiences in other artistic languages like oil painting and acting, through the help of external collaborators. 

Also, as a student of Ayurvedic psychology, Assagioli's Psychosynthesis, and Nada Yoga at the International Academy of Ayurveda, Alessandria applies the knowledge acquired from these disciplines while teaching to better understand her pupil's emotional language and in turn help them use their piano practice to better recognise their inner workings by providing tools to help them activate their will to achieve goals. Alessandria's piano students hold concerts every school year in Florence, performing as soloists and in piano duo, and many of her students hold music certifications. 

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