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V I S I O N &  A P P R O A C H

My mission at the piano studio matured thanks to years of musical training and work experience in Florence and abroad as a concert pianist and educator. 

My experiences working in Florence and abroad have continuously provided me with precious insights that would eventually help me build the foundations of the work I proudly do today. 

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already interested in learning how to play the piano or looking to refine your piano playing skills, so you know that when searching for piano lessons the options we’re presented with online are one-size-fits-all courses and learning apps that often make unrealistic promises, and promote “easy” and “quick” learning strategies compatible with our fast-paced lifestyles. 
This kind of approach to learning an instrument like the piano, not to mention the language of music, isn’t loyal to the nature and purpose of playing music, as it ignores the overall role of a music education. 
Music is often presented to us as a product for consumption, boxed into genres and confined to certain lifestyles, social constructs, and products to be consumed along with it. Over time, merchandising the refined art form that music is has affected music education, causing many institutions and teachers to have to adapt to our contemporary tempo and adopt a more superficial vision of an otherwise exceptionally profound art form and human practice.


This multidimensional and multidisciplinary art form emerges by means of creative power that we can all exercise and develop with the proper guidance. The time you spend at the piano, no matter your age or level, is of deep self-reflection and meditation that connects you with your humanity as you practice communication and expression.


What better way of approaching your piano lessons than with this awareness of your role as communicator? The satisfaction of learning a new piece, whether it be centuries old, new music, or music you have composed yourself, lies in the participation of transmitting it. When we perform a piece of music, what we’re saying is
“Hey, I know this speck of beauty present in our universe, can I share it with you?”

A L E S S A N D R I A' S  M I S S I O N  I S  T O  H E L P  Y O U  WI T H  ...

Make friends with time

Check-in and stay on track

Express yourself

Communicate Music

Make Connections

Through a patient and caring approach

In a safe and relaxing environment


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