Lesson Fees

The Soloist

Individual and personalized piano lessons | in studio | online

30 minutes 20€

60 minutes 40€

- Lessons include long term goal preparation for ABRSM and Conservatory exams

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Express Yourself

English or Italian Language Skills and Piano | in studio | online

30 minutes 25

60 minutes 50€

- Perfect for English native speakers who want to improve Italian skills

- Perfect for native Italian speakers or other foreign language speakers who want to improve English communication skills

- Individual and personalized Piano Lessons

- Lessons ensure technical and musical development at the piano 

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Music Theory

Group Lessons | in studio | online

45 minutes 15€

- Exposure to the musical language and its structures

- Traditional theory methods and the ABRSM Music Theory syllabus

- Group lessons are organized according to musical levels 


Package offers

All offers include 60 minute piano lessons


Theory & Practice

1 Individual Piano Lesson + 1 Music Theory Lesson per week | in studio | online

52€ per week


Complete Piano and Language Experience

1 Individual Piano Lesson + 1 Music Theory lesson + 1 Conversation Class, all in Second Language of choice (English/Italiano)

80€ per week


Mission | Vision | Approach

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