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Lesson Fees

The Soloist

Individual and personalized piano lessons | in studio | online

30 minutes 20€

60 minutes 40€

- Lessons include long term goal preparation for ABRSM and Conservatory exams

For more information on the overall approach click here

Express Yourself

English or Italian Language Skills and Piano | in studio | online

30 minutes 25

60 minutes 50€

- Perfect for those who wish to improve their communication skills in English or Italian

- Individual and personalised lessons

- Lessons ensure technical and musical development at the piano

For more info on Alessandria's approach click here.


Music Theory

Group Lessons | in studio | online

45 minutes 15€

- Exposure to the musical language and its structures

- Traditional theory methods and the ABRSM Music Theory syllabus

- Group lessons are organized according to musical levels 

Package offers

All offers include 60 minute piano lessons


Theory & Practice

1 Individual Piano Lesson + 1 Music Theory Lesson per week | in studio | online

52€ per week


Piano & Painting

Attain a heightened artistic experience with more than 1 linguistic expression. This package offers the opportunity to grow your artistic expression with oil painting techniques under the guidance of Maestro Mario Minarini. Click on Learn more for more info about the pianting course.

1 Individual Piano Lesson with Alessandria + Painting Lesson with Mario Minarini per week | in studio

80€ per week

Mission | Vision | Approach

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